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Tree Trimming

Some of our clients call us tree surgeons. We know that each tree is unique. It comes from a specific genus, may be on a particular kind of root stock and lives within specific site conditions and ownership. We attend to the requirements of each tree and client.

Pest & Disease Management

Some of our clients call us tree doctors. We use an Integrated Pest Management approach which focuses primarily on building the right conditions for your tree to have its own thriving defense system and the right fungal-dominant infrastructure to beat out pathogens.

Soil Amendment

We like to speak of the soil food web. We help with soil amendments, but we do so on the basis of a test, unless we are simply building general resilience and organic matter.

Drip Irrigation

One common place homeowners need help is water placement. The location, frequency, quality and volume of watering are also very significant factors in tree health.

Tree Care Projects

Wayfarer's Chapel
I was grateful to have the opportunity to speak for the redwoods at the Wayfarer's Chapel and consult with the human team there on ways to provide more ideal conditions for the trees on site. It's a beautiful property.
Lemon Scented Gum Weight Reduction
Year 1 Cleanup
Backyard Work
Soil Tests
Soil testing is an affordable way to get a better understanding of your site conditions. It's a worthwhile exercise once a year to understand the pH, balance of Calcium:Magnesium, Potassium:Magnesium, and Sulfur: Phosphorous. In some cases where drainage is limited, salinity can be an issue with our Southern California water as well.
Respect the Branch Collar
Fun times up in this Deodar Cedar
Keep an eye out for Glassy Winged Sharps
Nutrient Deficiencies
Palms may be stressed from many things including in this case potassium deficiency. The pattern on the frond will give an indication if it is potassium, magnesium or manganese. Be careful if fertilizing, as they can be burned with quick-release fertilizers. Also, a soil test is the most responsible way to diagnose deficiency, as a number of other factors may be making nutrients unavailable even though they're there.
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Certified Arborist - Tree Surgeon - Tree Doctor

LBHT is set apart from other tree service companies because only Certified Arborists and experienced orchardists touch your trees. Other companies will have an arborist come out and dazzle you with semantics and then a less skilled tree service labor force will come out to do the actual work. The problem with that process is that the primary focus for many of those teams is speed, resulting in gnarled crossing growth in spring. We don’t make pruning cuts to your tree except to promote tree health or work towards a specific requested future size or shape.

LBHT's President, Ben Fisher, is a Certified Arborist and is present at all jobs, doing most of the pruning himself.


As a smaller enterprise, we don’t have to charge you for a whole network of office hierarchy. We can afford to a have a Certified Arborist on the front lines doing the work and still have the best price.

For the Love of Trees

I do this work because I love trees. When I'm not working on your fruit trees I'm either in my own orchard or out walking with the ancient Redwoods.

A Holistic Focus

At LBHT we focus on building the complex beneficial relationships in your yard which will give you a healthy tree and if applicable, delicious fruit for years to come. We use pruning as a tool to develop the healthy branch structure the way you want.


Certified Arborist Care



Building healthy systems through appropriately timed strategic pruning, feeding soil biology, and protecting and nourishing bark and leaves.

Take the whole systems approach and rest easy knowing a Certified Arborist is working on your tree care needs.

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  • LB Holistic Tree - Certified Arboris
  • LB Holistic Tree - Certified Arboris



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